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Conductive Cloth Tape (Shielding tape)


Name Color Thickness [mm]
Liner Silicone Paper
Adhesive Covered Side Acrylic Conductive Glue approx. 0,04
Carrier Conductive Cloth approx. 0,08
Total Thickness : approx. 0,12
Specific Technical Data
Temperature Range -10 C0 to +150 C0
Technical Data
Steel Adhesion on steel according to ASTM-1000, min. 0.8 Kg/ inch
Initial Adhesion according to J. DOW min. 1,0 Kg/inch
Insulation Resisdance Ω 0.01-0.06
Retention (Cohesion) according to PSPC-7 min. 48,0 Kg/h
Recomended Application Temperature 18 C0 to 35 C0
Product Features
Product Advantages
  • Conductive cloth is made of polyester fiber and copper, nickel, silver and other metal consisting of metal fabrics
  • Good conductivity and shielding effectiveness
  • Customized length and stampings are possible
  • Good anti-oxidation and anti-corrosion properties
  • Ideal shielding materials for a variety of electronic products