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Conductive Shilding Gasket

SRGACON 200 Series

Name Thickness [mm]
Foam UL-94 V0 Foam 45kg/m3 Customer Request
Conductive Hot Melt Cloth Polyester, Metal plating Cu +Ni (UL-94 V0) approx. 0,13
Adhesive Non-Conductive double-sided adhesive approx. 0,07
Liner Silicone Paper
Total Thickness : approx. 0,20
Specific Technical Data
Temperature Range -40 C0 to +80 C0
Technical Data
Surface resistance ≤0.05Ω*25.4mm/ W (100g Load)
EMI effectiveness >65 dB /10MHz~3GHz(ASTM4935)
Adhesion >1.4kg/25mm
Compression ratio 30-50%
Retention >24hrs/ inch2
Recomended Application Temperature 18 C0 to 35 C0
Product Features
Product Advantages
  • Conductive fabrics with Ni/Cu-layer. Sponge core covered with electro conductive fabric laminated with Conductive adhesive
  • A lightweight with excellent shielding properties and surface conductivity
  • Good Solutions for EMI/RFI situations
  • Good anti-oxidation and anti-corrosion properties
  • Ideal shielding materials for a variety of electronic products