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EMI Absover Sheet (Soft Electromagnetic Absorbing Film)


Name Thickness [mm]
Rubber Material Ultrathin composite material (Rubber with ferrite Powders) approx. 0,30
Adhesive Double-sided adhesive approx. 0,03
Release Paper Silicone Paper
Total Thickness : approx. 0,33
Specific Technical Data
Temperature Range -25 C0 to +120 C0
Technical Data
Frequency Hz 10 M~6G
Density gr / cm3
Permeability Mhz 120 @ 1
Resistance Ω / m 1 x 106 ( min )
Environment Halogen Free, PVC Free, Lead Free
Main Application Fields
  • Smartphones, tablets, digital cameras
  • Electronic payment, electronic tag, Precision medical equipment
  • Automatic identification system military stealth
Product Features
Product Advantages
  • Frequency range of anti-electromagnetic interference
  • Ultra thin thickness, minimum 50 microns s possible
  • Good flexibility, bending, easy to cut
  • Low thermal resistance, accord with RoHS and HF standard
  • Excellent absorb ng ab l ty to h gh frequency electromagnet c waves