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Thermal Heat sinks (Ceramics)

Features and Benefits of Ceramic Heat Sinks

  • Excellent wear resistance, mechanical strength and electrical properties
  • The working temperature up to1700oC
  • High thermal conductivity
  • Good corrosion resistance makes it insoluble in water and Slightly soluble in strong acid and alkaline Solution
  • Can effectively solve the problem of thermal conductivity and heat diss pation

Typical Application Includes

  • Consumer electronics ( LCD-TV / Notebook PC / PC / NB / Power Supplys)
  • Heat Sink & LCD/LED Heat Sink
  • Cooling and Memory Modules
  • Heating Pad Beads
  • Electrical Insulators
  • Temperature Controller Base
Property Unit Test MODEL
Model Method 95% Alumina SiC
Color - Visual White Green
Bulk Density g/cm3 3.65 1.7
Porosity CNS619 %20
Mohs' hardness N/mm2 DIN EN101-1992 5~6
Rockwell hardness HRA≥ 85
Maximum operating temperature EN344 1500 <700
Breakdown Strength Kv/mm.DC≥ 20
Volume Resistivity Ω.cm ASTM D257 1014
Resistance Insulation 1000VDC,1 Minute 10


  • Line & Pin Fin and Plain Series in heat Sinks
  • Tape application available
  • Rohs and Reach Compliance

Shelf Life : SRMCO Recommend 15 Month shelf life at a maximum storage temperature range 23±5℃, relative humidty 60%±10% to keep its properties

REMARK : This data is only for design engineersspec. reference. Engineers are reminded to test the material before the application.