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Sil-Pad Thermally Conductive Insulators are designed to be clean, grease-free and flexible. The combination of a tough carrier material such as fiberglass and silicone rubber which is conformable, provides the engineer with a more versatile material than mica or ceramics and grease.

Sil-Pads minimize the thermal resistance from the case of a power semiconductor to the heat
sink. Sil-Pads electrically isolate the semiconductor from the heat sink and have sufficient dielectric strength to withstand high voltage. They are also tough enough to resist puncture by the facing metal surface.

* Proven silicone rubber binders
* Fiberglass, dielectric film or polyester film carriers * Special fillers to achieve specific performance characteristics
* Flexible and conformable
* Reinforcements to resist cut-through
* Variety of thicknesses
* Wide range of thermal conductivities and dielectric strengths


* Excellent thermal performance * Eliminates the mess of grease * More durable than mica
* Less costly than ceramic
* Resistant to electrical shorting
* Easier and cleaner to apply
* Under time and pressure, thermal resistance will decrease
* Better performance for today’s high-heat compacted assemblies
* A specific interfacial performance dependent on need
* Efficient “total applied cost”

* Interface between a power transistor, CPU or other heat-generating component and a heat sink or rail
* To isolate electrical components and power sources from heat sink and/or mounting bracket
* As an interface for discrete semiconductors requiring low-pressure spring-clamp mounting