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Thermally conductive tapes offer high performance heat dissipation; vital requirements for designing electronic devices where demand is for slimmer and more powerful features. Thermally conductive tapes offer a clean alternative to pastes and liquid adhesives and can be die-cut to bespoke designs, providing efficiency of application and reducing assembly times.
Features and Benefits

* Excellent thermal conductivity
* Reliable ESD ground and EMI shielding
* Easy to apply during cutting process
* Flexible, reusable, re-workable and cost effective

Typical Application Includes

* LCD/LED Back-Light Module
* Mobile Phone, Industrial Computers
* BGA Graphic/driver processor
* Power Converter PCB/Motor

Shelf Life : SRMCO Recommend 15 Month shelf life at a maximum storage temperature range 23±5°C, relative humidty 60%±10% to keep its properties.

REMARK : This data is only for design engineersspec. reference. Engineers are reminded to test the material before the application.
Available Thickness

* 500mm

Available Max. Width

* 100mm


* Roll Form, Sheet Form and Die-Cut Parts
* Rohs and Reach Compliance