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Conductive Shielding Gaskets are lightweight products with excellent shielding properties and surface conductivity. This serie was developed to solve diverse EMI situations and to meet shielding requirements. All standard profiles are self-adhesive and have a removable protective cover tape. Non-conductive adhesive tape is used as our standard. When using the products, the area should be covered and smooth and free of grease. If a customer has a specific length (s), SRMCO can review upon request.
Features and Benefits

* Customizable Product Series: Length, Shape
* Conductive fabrics with Ni/Cu-layer. A PU sponge core (elastomer) covered with electro conductive fabric
* Square profile offers a larger bearing surface and therefore excellent contact
* Centred, double-sided adhesive tape (non- conductive) for easy mounting
* Available with adhesive tape (conductive)
* Operating temperature: –40 oC to +85 oC

* Displays
* Metal housings
* Switching cabinets
* Depending on the application an IP54 protection class could be reached, that means by the use of the shielding gasket a protection against dust (index 5) and protection against splashed water (index 4) could be offered