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Features and Benefits

 Flexible Sintered Ferrite Sheet is a product designed for high performance magnetic flux redirection. The correct management of the magnetic flux improves the energy and data transfer in inductive coupled systems (NFC, RFID, Wireless Power, etc.), achieving a higher efficiency and communication range.
Size and weight are critical parameters in today’s electronic devices, and with the last generation ferrite compositions used in Flexible Sintered Ferrite Sheet optimal results are achieved with minimal thickness.
The Flexible Sintered Ferrite Sheet is composed by three layers:

* PET protective layer: High surface resistivity and adhesive strength to protect the ferrite layer.
* Pre-cut Sintered Ferrite Layer: It is the core of the product. Its magnetic properties concentrate and control the external magnetic fields.
* Adhesive layer: High adhesive strength to protect the ferrite and to apply the product.
Features and Benefits

* Flexible ferrite sheet with adhesive
* High permeability
* Low losses at communication frequency
* Easy to apply adhesive mounting tape
* Custom designs on request

* Improves efficiency of Wireless Power Transfer (Qi-WPC, PMA, A4WP, WCT)
* Improves performance of NFC and RFID communication systems
* EMI suppression
* Magnetic shielding