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Surface Mount Solderable Gasket series can be used by a pick and place machine and reflow soldered. To keep the best performance, it is recommended to solder the gaskets during the last PCB reflow process. The gaskets are designed with a thermal resistant foam which causes high elasticity, allowing it to be compressed and then recovered to its original shape after being compressed. At the same time, it provides the gasket characteristic of being able to be placed in high environmental temperatures. The layer which surrounds the thermal resistant foam is made of copper with a tin plating which allows an easier soldering process.
Features and Benefits

* Designed for pick and place assembling
* Wide contact surface
* High temperatures and mechanical weight have no influence on the excellent connection properties
* Reliable solderability
Typical Application Includes

* Contact between PCB's earth and housing
* Low ? HF connection between earthing points of two PCBs lying upon each other
* Connection between PCBs and external elements