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PTFE is the abbreviation of polytetrafluoroethylene so we can conclude that it is a ethylene polymer plastic, the water atoms in this ethylene polymer have been replaced by fluorine molecules. That is why this group of plastics, which also includes FEP and PFA, is also called fluoroplastics.

* Very good non-stick properties
* Excellent chemical inertia
* Resistant to temperatures up to 250 ° C
* Low dilutric constant
* Resistant to weathering

Features and Benefits of Thermal Tape

* Wide Temperature Range (-232 to 315 °C): Cont nuous use at high temperatures
* Dry Running Capability: High thermal stability and self-lubricating capabilities,
* Outstanding Dielectric Properties.
* High Surface Speeds
* Chemical and corrosion resistance
* High Mechanical Strength


* Rohs and Reach Compliance
* Can be produced in any shapes according to needsby molding.

Shelf Life : SRMCO Recommend 15 Month shelf life at a maximum storage temperature range 23±5°C, relative humidty 60%±10% to keep its properties.

REMARK : This data is only for design engineersspec. reference. Engineers are reminded to test the material before the application.
Typical Application Includes

* Electrical and thermal insulators, breakers.
* Ptfe Gaskets, Ptfe Flanges (engine, crankshaft, hydraulics).
* Fittings, expansion joints, engineering design elements
* Valve seats, extrusion nozzles, electrical sleeving,
* Ptfe bushes and chute liners
* Ptfe Elevator Rollers, Ptfe Teflon Pulley wheels
* Ptfe Connectors, Ptfe Fasteners, Ptfe Insulators,
* Ptfe Electrostatic Powder Coating gun Nozzles