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Rubber offers an extensive inventory of high quality bumpers, tips and appliance feet in various sizes and shapes for industrial use. In addition, we have the capability to manufacture a custom part to meet your specific application requirements.
Our industrial rubber bumpers, tips and feet are used in a wide range of applications, including electronics, aerospace, healthcare, construction, transportation, and defense applications.

* Pressure sensitive adhesives bond fast and permanently when pressed to most clean, dry, and smooth surfaces
* Made from long lasting resilient elastomers, that remain flexible, and provide excellent cushioning and noise damping properties
* High coefficient of friction resists skidding on most surfaces
* Easy to remove liner ensures fast application with no screws, rivets or application tools
Typical Application Includes

* Mechanical protects against the sharp edges of drilled or punched holes
* Mostly use to solve the problems in the products where has vibration isolation, vibration dampening, nicking, scratching, slamming or noise.
* Feet on the bottom of small appliances, desktops, laptops or handheld electronic devices, electronic cabinet, telephones, keyboards, foot pedals, scales, clocks, speakers, dispensers, and computers.
* Stops for cabinet doors, kitchen doors, refrigerator doors, lids and drawers.
* Spacers for LCD,LED frames, medical equipments, audio devices and etc. to provide alignment
* Protectors to prevent damage and keep parts from direct contact
Technical Properties

Anti Fire Grade :According to the request available
Hardness :30-85 Shore A ( Can be optained according to the request )
Adhesive :Tape Application is available
Shape :Custom molding and custom colors are available