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Thermally Conductive Electrical Insulator are designed for use where the highest possible thermal, dielectric, and mechanical properties are required. A dielectric pad is a thermally conductive gasket material that specifically provides electrical isolation between the mating materials.

This family differs from thermally conductive gap filler pads because thermally conductive electrical insulator pads are usually more thin and have a very small compliance ranges due to their high hardness value.

Thermally Conductive Electrical Insulators are reinforced with fiberglass cloth, strengthening the pads against tear, cut-through and punctures. These materials are available in sheet form, roll stock and die-cut configurations. With a proven track record spanning several decades in multiple applications, these products are the first choice for high-end power supplies, industrial, aerospace, and military/ avionics applications.
Features and Benefits

* Excellent thermal properties
* High dielectric strength
* Excellent mechanical strength and puncture resistance
* 100% inspected for dielectric properties on every sheet
* Optional Acrylic Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (PSA) attachment
available on one or both sides
* UL 94 HB flammability rating
* Meets RoHS specifications
* Extremely low NASA outgassing

* Power conversion equipment
* Power supplies and UPS
* Power semiconductors
* Automotive electronics
* Motor and engine controllers
* Military electronics