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By using a special process, we use the silicone as the base material, adding thermal conductive powder and flame retardant together to make the mixture to become thermal interface material. This is effective in lower the thermal resistance between the heat source and the heat sink.

* High thermal conductivity
* Low thermal impedance
* Good insulation
Features and Benefits

* Slightly tack on both sides with protective liner.
* High conformability to uneven surfaces at low stress application.
* Electirical isolating. Good dielectric properties.
* High thermal performance & High temperature resistance and UL 94 V-0.
* Eliminates air gaps to reduce thermal resistance & Shock absorving.


* Sheet From and Die-Cut Parts.
* Variety of thicknesses and hardnesses
* Rohs and Reach Compliance
* Tape application available

Shelf Life : SRMCO Recommend 15 Month shelf life at a maximum storage temperature range 23±5°C, relative humidty 60%±10% to keep its properties.

REMARK : This data is only for design engineersspec. reference. Engineers are reminded to test the material before the application.
Typical Application Includes

* Telecommunications equipment ( Telecom Device / Wireless Hub)
* Consumer electronics ( LCD-TV / Notebook / PC / PC / NB / Power Supplys)
* LEDs, lighting Thermal Management * Cooling and Memory Modules
* Automotive electronics ( ECUs)